Why hire a LEED Consultant?

Building or renovating green these days is a wise investment.  Building owners choosing LEED can beat rising energy prices, significantly reduce water demand, and reap higher rental prices for their structures.  In general, building occupants of a green building are happier, more productive, and have less sick days.  Whatever your reasons for building green or renovating, hiring a LEED consultant to guide you through the process can smooth the way and help you achieve your green building goals.

Why hire a LEED consultant?

  1. A LEED consultant knows the implementation strategies.  Each project is unique. Organizations have different missions and goals when pursuing a LEED certification.  A LEED consultant can help you choose the appropriate credits and strategies for your building based on your needs and your motivating reason for going green.  The LEED rating system has four different certification levels, and your LEED consultant can help you target in on your desired rating and the points needed to achieve it.
  2. A LEED consultant has experience.  Your LEED consultant should have experience working on a variety of projects and building types.  This experience means familiarity with the documentation, submittals, and deliverables required by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) to certify your project.  Experience is critical to keeping your schedule on track and avoiding surprises.
  3. A LEED consultant will leave your team better prepared.  After working with a LEED consultant, your project team will have a greater understanding of the procedures and processes required to earn a LEED certification.  You might not be ready for projects all on your own, but your team will be more knowledgeable and know what to expect the next time around.
  4. A LEED consultant can lower your risks.  A LEED consultant can anticipate problems, manage documentation, and guide you through the process.  This will keep your construction schedule on track and help keep your project on budget.  

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