LEED Consultant in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins LEED Consultant

Chad Mapp is LEED Consultant in Fort Collins

LEED Consultant in Fort Collins, Colorado

Looking for a LEED consultant in Fort Collins, Colorado? Click here to contact usChad Mapp is a LEED consultant in Fort Collins and the Principal of Sustainable Building Services, LLC. He is an experienced LEED consultant and project administrator with proficient knowledge in LEED project management services as well as the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Chad is a LEED Accredited Professional specializing in Building Design and Construction (LEED AP BD+C). He has earned a Master of Science degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in Sustainable Building from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Chad is also very knowledgeable on the costs of LEED certification and his research has been published in the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, Volume 3, 2012. He is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and currently serves as the Chair of the USGBC Colorado Northern Branch. 

Sustainable Building Services supports architects, contractors, building owners and developers to achieve their sustainability, energy efficiency and LEED certification goals. We are honored to be one of a select few qualified LEED consulting firms to be invited by the City of Fort Collins, Colorado to submit a proposal for a LEED Consultant. The City of Fort Collins has several projects on the horizon which will soon be in design and later being constructed and is seeking qualifications for an exceptional LEED consultant to help the design team for the conceptual planning and design of buildings and then help during construction to ensure the City is achieving the full potential of the sustainability goals.

The City of Fort Collins is looking to design new projects around the 2030 Energy Challenge. It is the policy of the City of Fort Collins that all new buildings and major renovations earn enough credits using the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED™ Green Building Rating System to earn a minimum “Gold” certification with the desire to achieve “Platinum” certification. The most current version of LEED™ at the time of project design shall be used. In the event LEED is transitioning from one version to the next at the time of the design, the newer version is preferred, but will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Specific projects may have goals above and beyond this minimum requirement, either in overall rating or for minimum numbers of credits from specific categories.

The City is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide LEED consulting services related to the design and construction of new buildings to be completed. This RFP is specifically for a LEED consultant. The City will also be hiring an Energy Modeling Consultant through separate RFP process and already has an existing agreement for a Building Commissioning Consultant. The LEED consultant with help to ensure that all new building designs should meet the following energy goals:

  • Architecture 2030 Energy Challenge, which would target each building for meeting an Energy Use Intensity of 30 kBtu/sf/yr. for both Customer Service Building (CSB) and the Utility Service Center (USC)
  • Meet the City’s minimum standard of achieving a LEED Gold rating and pursue the Platinum level. The projects should achieve a minimum of 15 points from Energy and Atmosphere credits under the LEEDv3 New Construction & Major Renovation Rating Systems.
  • New buildings should achieve an ENERGY STAR rating of 100 with certification.
  • Renovated buildings should achieve an ENERGY STAR rating of 80 or higher with certification.
  • Renovated buildings to involve analysis for potential deep energy retrofits.

A primary goal for the LEED consultant and of these projects is to demonstrate and showcase sustainable design and construction. These projects present the opportunity for the City of Fort Collins to “walk the talk” by demonstrating best practices in high performance new construction and retrofit projects.

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