LEED EBOM Plans and Reports: In Our Experience

reportsYour LEED Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED EBOM) kick off meeting is over, what now?  In our experience, the very next task your team should focus on is the gathering of plans and reports related to the operation of building and grounds.

Two main tasks of the LEED EBOM program are to tidy up and “green” the operational procedures of a building.  Sometimes staff are utilizing best management practices for operations, but lack a clearly articulated written procedure that is available and used by all members of the building management team.  As with all LEED projects, documentation is key, and the building management team will struggle with documentation during the performance period if the plans and reports are still being drafted.

After credit selection, task the building management team with combing the bookshelves and locating any written documentation on building operations.  The team should then review all existing documents and make notes clarifying any deviations implemented by staff that are not updated.  Often, existing plans can be revised to include the adjustments needed to green the building and meet the LEED requirements.  This will save time and reduce costs.   Plus the building management staff will have an easier time implementing any new procedures when they see the LEED consultant working with them and their existing procedures instead of drafting a completely new plan they are expected to follow.  Good luck!

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