LEED Management

LEED Management Services

Sustainable Building Services provides comprehensive LEED management services to help project teams build green and achieve LEED certification. We have developed LEED management programs that provide a framework and collection of tools to facilitate achieving LEED certification. Our LEED project management services have proven to be consistently successful in streamlining the LEED certification process. And, in order to integrate better with your team, our LEED management services can be delivered as part of an all-inclusive LEED management program or independently and customized to meet your project team’s specific goals and objectives.

We identify and integrate viable strategies into projects to optimize overall energy and environmental performance. SBS offers LEED management expertise and experience as well as the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders and project team members. Our LEED consultants work with the project team step by step to provide support and direction throughout the LEED management and LEED documentation process.